Azure Synapse (Apache Spark pool)

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You can scrape an Azure Synapse Apache Spark pool via the SynapseApacheSparkPool resource type.

When using declared resources, the following fields need to be provided:

All supported metrics are documented in the official Azure Monitor documentation.

The following scraper-specific metric labels will be added:


- name: promitor_demo_synapse_apache_spark_apps_ended
  description: "Amount of apps ended running on Apache Spark pool in Azure Synapse"
  resourceType: SynapseApacheSparkPool
    metricName: BigDataPoolApplicationsEnded
      type: Total
  resources: # Optional, required when no resource discovery is configured
  - workspaceName: promitor-synapse
    poolName: sparkpool
  resourceDiscoveryGroups: # Optional, requires Promitor Resource Discovery agent (
  - name: synapse-apache-spark-pools

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