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Resource discovery allows you to define criteria to automatically discover resources in your Azure tenant and scrape metrics for all of the Azure resources that are found.

How it works

While Promitor Scraper uses a declarative approach for defining Azure resources to scrape; as of Promitor Scraper 2.0 you can integrate with Promitor Resource Discovery!

With resource discovery, you can define resource discovery groups that represent Azure resources of a given type and optionally define criteria for the resources to comply with.

By doing this, you can change your metric declaration for Promitor Scraper so that, instead of using declared resources, reference a resource discovery group which be used to determine what Azure resources it should scrape metrics for.

Behind the scenes, Promitor Resource Discovery integrates with Azure Resource Graph which will query your Azure landscape to discover the corresponding resources.

Here's an overview of how they work together:

Promitor Scraper with resource discovery