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Azure SQL Server

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You can scrape an Azure SQL Server via the SqlServer resource type.

The following fields need to be provided:

  • serverName - The name of the SQL Server instance.

Supported metrics:

  • dtu_consumption_percent - Percentage of consumed CPU across all elastic pools.
  • Requires to be set to ElasticPoolResourceId
  • storage_used - Amount of storage data across all elastic pools in bytes.
  • Requires to be set to ElasticPoolResourceId
  • dtu_used - Amount of consumed DTU across all databases.
  • Requires to be set to DatabaseResourceId

The official Azure Monitor documentation lists more metrics but these are not surfaced externally. However, you can still give them a try but we don't support them for now.


Here is an example configuration:

name: azure_sql_server_dtu_consumption_percent
description: "The DTU consumption percentage used by an Azure SQL Server."
resourceType: SqlServer
  metricName: dtu_used
    name: DatabaseResourceId
    type: Average
- serverName: promitor