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Here is an overview of the Promitor agents you can deploy:

Image Tagging Strategy

Depending on your scenario you might need a different update cadence for Docker dependencies.

We provide a few options by offering multiple Docker tags:

  • latest - Ideal for experimentation and proof-of-concepts, but not recommended for running production workloads.
  • {major}.{minor} - Representation of a specific feature set, but will be updated with feature & security patches.
  • {major}.{minor}.{patch} - Run a specific version of the runtime. (Alternative could be to use image digest pinning)

Image Tagging Strategy

All of the above tags are available for Linux. Every tag can be suffixed with -linux or -windows to target a specific OS.

You can also pin to a specific digest of an image to ensure that you are running the same image across your infrastructure. However, you will not receive security patches unless you use a tool like Renovate to keep them up-to-date.

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