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Metric Labelling

Here is an overview of how we label metrics.

There are a couple of scenarios where labels are being added:

  • Built-in labels
  • Metric dimension labels
  • Scaler-specific labels
  • Bring-your-own labels

In case of duplicate label names the above priority will be used.

Built-in labels

Every metric that is being reported in the scraping endpoint comes with the following built-in labels:

  • resource_uri - Full resource URI of the instance. (ie subscriptions/xxx/resourceGroups/yyy/providers/Microsoft.ServiceBus/namespaces/promitor)
  • subscription_id - Id of the subscription.
  • resource_group - Name of the resource group.
  • instance_name - Name of the instance, if applicable.

Metric dimension labels

Metrics support specifying one or more dimension(s) which will be scraped in Azure Monitor.

Every metric value will be reported under the configured metric name, but labels for the dimensions and their respective values will be added.

Scraper-specific labels

Every scraper can provide additional labels to provide more information.

Currently we support this for:

  • Azure API Management
  • Azure Function App
  • Azure Service Bus
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure Storage Queue
  • Azure Web App

For more information, we recommend reading the scraper-specific documentation.

Custom Labels

As of v1.0, you can define your own labels by configuring them for a specific metric.

For more information, see "Metrics".