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Azure Log Analytics

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You can declare to scrape an Azure Log Analytics via the LogAnalytics resource type.

The following fields need to be provided:

  • workspaceName - The name of the Azure Log Analytics
  • workspaceId - The workspace ID of the Azure Log Analytics resource

The Azure Log Analytics scraper is configured differently compare to others Azure resources. Ensure that logAnalyticsConfiguration is configured instead of azureMetricConfiguration:

  • logAnalyticsConfiguration.query - The query used to query value from logAnalytics
    • the result of the query need to be 1 row only (use take 1)
    • the result of the query need to have 1 column named 'result' only (use project result)
  • logAnalyticsConfiguration.aggregation.interval - The aggregation that needs to be used when querying Log Analytics. If you don't set this, it will get the value from metricDefaults


Here is an example configuration:

name: azure_logs_analytics
description: "Get number of error from SparkLoggingEvent"
resourceType: LogAnalytics 
  query: SparkLoggingEvent_CL | where Level == "ERROR" | summarize result = count() | take 1 | project result
    interval: 10:00:00:00
  - workspaceId: 0202fe93-55de-4c08-ae83-b5e4a3b6bed6
    workspaceName: afs-log-analytics