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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Here are a list of questions you may have:

Are multi-dimensional metrics supported?

Yes, every scraper supports scraping multi-dimensional metrics except for Azure Storage queues.

You can configure the dimension(s) you are interested in via azureMetricConfiguration.dimensions, for more information see our 'Metrics Declaration' page.

However, you can only use it with metrics in Azure Monitor that support this, for a complete overview we recommend reading the official documentation.

How does Promitor handle deleted resources?

The approach depends if you are using declarative metrics or resource discovery but we highly recommend to enable Prometheus metric timestamps in our runtime configuration to indicate how old the metric is.

When using declarative metrics

Promitor will scrape all resources that are configured and report the metrics accordingly. If that resource is deleted, we will still serve the metrics as long as we can until it is no longer available and exceptions will be thrown.

We recommend to update the metrics declaration when a resource is deleted to avoid polluting logs.

When using resource discovery

Promitor will automatically discover all matching resources which means that it will automatically scrape metrics for new/removed resources.

Removed resources will immediately stop being scraped by Promitor, but still be reported in Prometheus scrape endpoint.

Is scraping multiple subscriptions supported?

No, we do not support scraping multiple subscriptions as of today as we consider that to be a security boundary.

However, you can deploy multiple instances of Promitor that each scrape another subscription.

We have it on our backlog to see if there is enough demand for it, feel free to give a 👍. If that is the case, we will reconsider this limitation.

What Azure clouds are supported?

We support Global (default), China, UsGov & Germany Azure clouds.

This can be configured in the metric configuration under azureMetadata.

For more information see our 'Metric Configuration' page.

Why does Azure Blob & File Storage only report account-level information?

Azure Monitor currently only provides account-level metrics which we can serve.

As part of #450 & #446 we plan to provide the capability to have more granular information.

Why does my multi-dimensional metric report label value unknown with Prometheus?

When Promitor is unable to find a metric for a multi-dimensional metric, it will report unknown for the dimension label given it was not able to determine what the dimension value is due to the lack of metrics.

You can read more about it in our Prometheus sink documentation.

What operating systems are supported?

We support running on both Linux & Windows platforms.