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We provide a Helm Chart which deploys all the required infrastructure on your Kubernetes cluster.

Getting the Helm Chart

Install the Promitor Chart repository:

 helm repo add promitor

Refresh your local Chart repositories:

 helm repo update

If all goes well you should be able to list all Promitor charts:

 helm search hub promitor
URL                                                     CHART VERSION           APP VERSION     DESCRIPTION      2.0.0-preview-3         2.0.0-preview-3 Promitor, bringing Azure Monitor metrics where ...

Using our Helm Chart

You can easily install our Resource Discovery Agent as following:

 helm install promitor-agent-resource-discovery promitor/promitor-agent-resource-discovery \
               --set azureAuthentication.appId='<azure-ad-app-id>' \
               --set azureAuthentication.appKey='<azure-ad-app-key>' \
               --values /path/to/helm-configuration.yaml

Next to Azure authentication, a resource discovery declaration must be provided through --values.

Here is an example of resource discovery declaration which you can pass:

  cloud: Global
  tenantId: e0372f7f-a362-47fb-9631-74a5c4ba8bbf
  - 0329dd2a-59dc-4493-aa54-cb01cb027dc2
- name: api-gateways
  type: ApiManagement

Our Helm chart provides a variety of configuration options which you can explore in our full values file. to see all configurable values.

Sample configuration

Want to get started easily? Here's a sample configuration to spin up the Resource Discovery agent which will be publicly exposed outside of the cluster on

  appId: 67882a00-21d3-4ee7-b32a-430ea0768cd3
  appKey: <hidden>
  cloud: Global
  tenantId: e0372f7f-a362-47fb-9631-74a5c4ba8bbf
  - 0329dd2a-59dc-4493-aa54-cb01cb027dc2
  - 0f9d7fea-99e8-4768-8672-06a28514f77e
- name: service-bus-landscape
  type: ServiceBusQueue
- name: api-gateways
  type: ApiManagement
- name: app-plan-landscape
  type: AppPlan
- name: container-instances
  type: ContainerInstance
- name: container-registry-landscape
  type: ContainerRegistry
- name: cosmos-accounts
  type: CosmosDb
- name: dps
  type: DeviceProvisioningService
- name: event-hubs-landscape
  type: EventHubs
    dnsPrefix: promitor-resource-discovery-sample
    enabled: true
  defaultLogLevel: information

You can easily deploy it by passing the file through --values during installation.

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