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Generic Azure Resource

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You can declare to scrape a generic Azure resource via the Generic resource type.

Promitor simplifies defining resource URIs by using the subscription & resource group defined in azureMetadata so that your configuration is small & readable.

Mandatory fields :

  • resourceUri - The uri of the Azure resource to scrape.

Optional fields :

  • resourceGroupName - the resource group for this resource. It overrides the one defined in azureMetadata.
  • subscriptionId - the subscription ID for this resource. It overrides the one defined in azureMetadata.
  • filter - The filter to use to have fine-grained metrics. Example: EntityName eq 'orders'. See Azure Monitor REST API Filter Syntax.


Here is an example configuration:

name: azure_service_bus_active_messages
description: "Amount of active messages of the 'myqueue' queue (determined with Generic provider)"
resourceType: Generic
  metricName: ActiveMessages
    type: Total
# Will scrape subscriptions/<sub>/resourceGroups/<rg>/providers/Microsoft.ServiceBus/namespaces/my-promitor-messaging
# Where <sub> & <rg> are coming from azureMetadata
- resourceUri: Microsoft.ServiceBus/namespaces/my-promitor-messaging
  filter: EntityName eq 'orders'
# Will scrape subscriptions/<sub>/resourceGroups/<rg>/providers/Microsoft.ServiceBus/namespaces/my-other-promitor-messaging
# Where <sub> & <rg> are coming from the definition of this resource.
- resourceUri: Microsoft.ServiceBus/namespaces/my-other-promitor-messaging
  subscriptionId: example-subscription
  resourceGroupName: example-resource-group